BIG STORY – PLEASE SHARE: ‘Virus’ test revelations with David Icke and Andrew Kaufman

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World To…
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Governments Use Agent Provocateurs to Instill Fe … · F …

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Watch out for Plandemic Controlled Opposition Ag … · F …

Yesterday i put up a video of a Californian Physician speaking out against the lockdown insanity. I received a couple of comments regard the integrity of this Physician. After a little digging i realised it is quite possible he could be a controlled opposition agent. So i felt the need to make a video documenting this possibility and also the other 100% agents who have gone viral on social media, the 2 Californian Doctors, Judy Mikovits and Doctor Buttar.Please subscribe to my Bitchute channel as the walls of censorship are closing in on YT and FB: – Coronavirushoax – 3697
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