Madness at Wholefoods! Almost ARRESTED over the … Β· F β€¦

Stand up to tyranny! I really wasn’t looking for a show but they sure gave me one! Say hi to Fred the manager who called the police, & Nick the supervisor who stopped the transaction in violation of discrimination laws at Whole Foods,8402 Old Keene Mill Rd,Springfield, VA 22152+1 703-644-2500Google reviews 0:01 -Attention grabbing intro 1:30 – Entering the store maskless 2:00 – Getting stalked by a creep who wants me to hide my face 3:29 – Threatened to call the cops 3:55 – Spreading ‘Rona 4:10 – Opening a sealed container 5:00 – Attempting to check out 5:30 – Almost fooled the cashier 5:50 – Denied service 7:55 – Police engage the threat11:14 – He wants to shoot my face11:25 – Threatened with ARREST12:30 – Problem resolved, but at what cost?15:07 – Educating the NazisMy previous Whole Foods video had no issues. you’d like to help support my activism I just created a Ko-fi account which is the better version of Patreon. Ko-fi doesn’t take any portion of your contribution without your consent. App:$CriticalInceptionVenmo: my banned activism – TheFlatEarthPodcsast.comYouCantCatchAVirus.comFlat Earth Sun Moon and Zodiac Clock AppApple IOS: (20 min) Documentary by Hibbeler Productions:The Hunger Games 2020 Documentary David Weiss Flat Earth interview on The Phoenix Enigma channel. Check it out! by Hibbeler Productions a must watch documentary. Plandemic II: #FreedomOfThought#ICantBreathe #EnoughIsEnough – Default – 2896
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